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Mariane Bekker

CEO & Founder 

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Founder & Women In Tech

Hi! I'm Mariane Bekker, a tech executive with over a decade of experience building high-performing engineering teams at leading startups such as New Relic and Mindbody. I've led engineering through 5 acquisitions and 1 IPO.


I'm passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and helping founders succeed. That's why I founded Upward Recruiting and Founders Bay. 


With Founders Bay, we incubate AI-powered startups and help them build their MVP from the grounds up.

With Upward Recruiting, we work with companies to help them hire more women engineers.

I also run the biggest most active community of tech female founders in the Bay Area called Women Founders Bay

Connect With me for exclusive Startup insights, events, and opportunities From Silicon Valley

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Let's Build Your MVP!

At Upward, we specialize in building out MVPs for web or mobile app. We understand the importance of launching a product quickly and efficiently.


Mariane Bekker will work closely with you to create a custom MVP development strategy that fits your unique needs.

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