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Upcoming Founders Events in SF

Updated: Jan 14


Hi! I'm Mariane Bekker, a tech executive with over a decade of experience building high-performing engineering teams at leading startups such as New Relic and Mindbody. I've led engineering through 5 acquisitions and 1 IPO.

I'm passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and helping founders succeed. That's why I founded Upward Recruiting and Upward Dev, an agency specializing in assisting early-stage startups in technical recruitment and MVP development:

🚀 Turn Your Vision into Reality with Our MVP Team!

Founders, bring your ideas to life! Our specialized team at Upward is ready to develop your MVP from A to Z at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise: Led by Mariane Bekker, a seasoned tech executive, our team transforms visions into fully functional MVPs.

💡 Innovation: Crafted with the latest tools, your product will stand out in the tech l landscape.

💰 Cost-Effective: Quality MVP development without breaking the bank.

Ready to take the first step? Book a free consultation with Mariane today. Let's turn your MVP dreams into reality!

🌟 Hire Top-Tier Technical Talent 🚀

With a proven record in building engineering teams at VC-Backed startups in SF, NYC and remote, we specialize in building high-performing, diverse teams in a competitive market.

Our Results:

🚀 Mariane Bekker grew engineering teams from 7 to 50+ engineers.

💻 Made 25 successful placements at VC-backed startups last year.

⏱ Closing technical roles in 6 weeks or less.

👩‍💻 70% of our candidates come from underrepresented backgrounds.

At Upward Recruiting, we curate teams that drive success. Whether you're a scaling startup or an established company, we ensure you get the right people efficiently. Book a free consultation with Mariane today.


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Mariane Bekker is a passionate advocate for women in tech, an angel investor, and the founder & CEO of Upward, a premier boutique recruitment agency connecting companies with exceptional diverse tech talent. With over a decade of experience building diverse engineering teams at leading startups, she’s navigated the intricacies of the startup landscape and understands the unique needs and aspirations of founders. Follow her LinkedIn and Twitter for insights, industry trends, and valuable resources about Startups, Tech, and Diversity.

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